Our commitments

As a corporate citizen, we are convinced that balancing purpose and profit creates value for our employees, our suppliers, our clients, as well as for the community and the environment. In 2018, one-third of our staff members were involved in not-for-profit initiatives (MakeSense, Nos Quartiers ont des Talents…) and in skill-based sponsorships for social enterprises (CO).

Our voluntary corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach is carried out by a team of ten employees. Since 2009, we are a member of the UN Global Compact, a global movement of sustainable companies that seek to align their strategies and operations with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Ten Principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. In 2018, our Communication on Progress (CoP) has been qualified as GC Advanced, the highest Global Compact differentiation level.

Since February 2021, Colombus Consulting has been certified B Corp in France and Switzerland, a label delivered by the NGO BLab to companies meeting societal and environmental, governance and public transparency requirements.

Promoting employee well-being and quality of life at work

We understand that the added value provided to our clients relies on our employees’ job satisfaction. We think work should be a source of pride and achievement. Therefore, we pay particular attention to employee well-being and to the quality of life at work. We are proud to have won the 3rd Great Place to Work® award in 2018. This certification enables us to regularly assess our staff relations and human resources policies : 95% of our employees consider Colombus Consulting as a Great Place to Work®. Our experience in employee well-being enables us to implement the best practices in our clients’ workplace transformation and employee relocation projects.

Supporting social-impact organizations

We promote not-for-profit initiatives through our partnerships and skill-based sponsorship. In 2014, with 3 other companies, we launched CO, a social-purpose consultancy firm that works for not-for-profit organisations, foundations and social enterprises… Within 5 years, CO supported more than 100 projects to help these organisations scale up and secure their business model. Since 2016, our employees also promote equal opportunity (Nos Quartiers ont des Talents) and social entrepreneurship (MakeSense), through coaching and mentoring programs. Our expertise in social innovation projects helps us respond to our clients’ social issues (fuel poverty, disability issue…).

Protecting the environment

We pay close attention to our environmental impact through various projects : responsible purchasing, sustainable mobility, waste-reduction initiatives… We are convinced that protecting biodiversity creates value for organisations. Therefore, we collaborate with Conservation Capital, a company specializing in creating viable economic models in Africa and Europe, to help our clients consider these issues… We also help protect the environment through our clients’ projects and our expertise on renewable energy, electric vehicles, the Clean Energy Package.

Encouraging companies to seek societal impact

We are convinced that companies should balance purpose and profit. Our president Valérie Ader joined a French Think-tank to encourage companies define their purpose and to promote Purpose-Driven Companies in France. In 2018, CO also organized public debates on topics such as Purpose-Driven Companies, and Social Impact Bonds.