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Colombus Consulting, supporting organizations towards the future

Established in 1999, Columbus Consulting grew up with the 21st century, a new era where we do not do as before, where the trades must change their approach to the future. It’s a century in which business is no longer a world apart, but a living part of a moving ecosystem.

Colombus Consulting has earned the trust of many managers who need to transform their business into agile teams able to respond to new challenges, unknown until then to prepare for the future.

Driving the transformation of organizations to digital and the new business model, it is a matter of women, men, anticipation, understanding and exploitation of data, coaching teams, ability to implement in action quickly, innovation, listening, technology, efficiency of the operational model …
Colombus Consulting has brought together in all these fields an experience that its customers benefit from today.

Build the organization of tomorrow

it’s integrating the power of artificial intelligence into our business.

Colombus Consulting is conducting major investigations on the Web to bring out strategic leads that have been inaccessible until now. The Rnest application, developed by our partner La mètis, allows us to benefit from a 360° vision of the points of view expressed on the Internet and to exploit this potential to create value.

Build the organization of tomorrow

we must rely on an evolutionary culture and a solid know-how Data solid.

Colombus consulting positions itself as a trusted third party by helping decision-makers to appropriate the technologies they need to master to transform businesses. Internal or external data is an immeasurable source of information. However, it is important to use the data accurately and reliably to develop the customer value or business model of the enterprise.

Build the organization of tomorrow

it is understanding and sharing the direction that our world is taking today.

In other words, it is to build the development of the organization in phase with the real by assimilating the changes of rhythms, the types of growth, the natures of cultures. In this sense, Colombus consulting proposes an approach to write and tell the change related to a transformation project. Our responsible commitment is part of this approach: we take into account social, societal and environmental issues in the projects we support.

Born with the 21st century, Colombus Consulting has made of management consultancy an accompanying process for executives and managers in the construction of the company of tomorrow

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Strategy and innovation

Design a strategic outlook of the products and offers, to respond to the markets’ developments and take full benefit from this new connected world’s opportunities

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Operational model

Develop the performance of the companies, adapting the professions to the evolutions of context to exploit their operational levers

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Customer value

Develop the profitability by setting up integrated Digital & Data measures for a personalized customer experience and omnichannel journey

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Collaborator experience

Align management and corporate culture to the issues and ambitions of the company to make it more efficient

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