Operating model

Develop organization’s performance by adapting business lines to changing context and exploiting their operational levers.

We help C-level executives from various department (IT, sales, marketing, legal, R&D) improve the performance of their organization by the reengineering of historical activities and by adapting professions to the evolutions of the general context (digital, regulations, …) and to the market standards, by exploiting  the whole operational levers (agility, IT, data…).

We offer a tool-based approach based on human support and inspired by the agile methodology. We help organizations meet these challenges and guarantee economic equilibriums over time. Our offer aims to enrich organizations, by proposing co-construction workshops with relevant actors (decision takers, experts, and end users). Our objective focus on accelerating gains and even disruptive gains and optimizations, beyond a process-oriented and cost-reducing vision.

Dematerialization, robotization, analysis of system’s reliability and artificial intelligence reinvent business models and are all opportunities for organizations to benefit from. That is why, the digital and in particular data are some major levers at the core of our support initiatives.

Valor creation relies on 5 fundamental principles that we apply in our interventions

Rigorously manage the implementation of projects and deliver the promised value

Co-construct savings and deployment paths in collaborative mode

Develop organizations agility beyond agility in projects

Industrialize successfully and exploit the full potential of experiments, POCs and MVPs

Set up customer voice feedback for a permanent listening and evolution of offers

We take advantage of our experience in different industries to adapt our interventions to the specific challenges and contexts of our clients, in particular on these types of missions:

  • Extract and exploit existing data for performance cost optimization
  • Integrate technology into change as an integrator and promoter of transformation
  • Connect silos to bring out under-exploited valuable deposits
  • Integrate storytelling, content production, CSR and social networks as communication tools

Definition of the target operating model common to 4 international subsidiaries of a banking group

We assisted the group in defining a three-year transformation roadmap for each of the target countries and in developing a business case. Following a phase of cost analysis, identification of sources of productivity and construction of a target operating model, road maps were drawn up for each country describing the main principles of transformation. Our intervention helped to share the ambition between the headquarters and its subsidiaries and to identify levers for efficiency and growth.

Creation of an innovative workshops’ catalogue for the digitalisation of process in a bank

Facing the acceleration of technological disruptions, the development of new players and the clients expectations in the banking industry, we accompanied the IT management to design a co-building approach for process’ digitalisation in a logic “Front-to-back” and integrated process until 2020. Our mission consisted in setting up the project, define and implement an innovative workshops’ catalogue of digitalisation for banking processes to facilitate the alignment of actors.