Accompanying the industrial sector players in the management of major transformation projects.

The transformation of the industrial sector is caused in particular by the digital revolution.Players must respond to new challenges and face many impacts: lower data costs, improved connectivity of networks and machines, increasing capacity for analysis and simulation, real-time measurements and communications, process automation, etc.

These changes are already having concrete effects on the functioning of industries, their investments, their human resources and their management methods.

Even if the contexts are different (aeronautics, automotive, petroleum chemistry), manufacturers are all evolving in their way of developing, manufacturing and commissioning products and in the way they interact with their customers and partners. They have some common issues and stakes:


frequency and responsiveness
new products and services


Strengthen technological and competitive intelligence,
protect innovation


industrial sites, developing the right partnership and ecosystems


industry cost price and TCO optimisation (total cost of ownership)


the digital potential


organisational changes, news management methods and new ways of managing skills and know-how

We address these major stakes through 3 levers

Operational performance, (technical, human, functional or organisational)

Asset management, (data, machines, industrial plants, teams)

Time-to-Market through innovation, development and industrialisation

Our business expertise in the key functions of the value chain ((Production, Maintenance, Quality, Purchasing, Supply chain, R&D /Engineering) has provided us with repositories that enable us to carry out rapid diagnoses, set objectives and benefit from a guideline to achieve them. These standards cover the management and decision-making system, processes, activities and key stages, as well as organisation, leadership and skills.

We support our industrial clients in the management of major transformation projects by implementing methodological frameworks (Lean, TPM, WCM…) and performance improvement tools (VSM, Pert, PDCA…) adapted to the context and culture of our clients.

Our contribution also lies in our change management approach based on 5 levers of transformation:

  • values and culture,
  • management and attractiveness,
  • organization and structure,
  • operation and process,
  • and technology.

Finally, our digital expertise enables us to address complementary capabilities in terms of operational performance and project management.

Supporting the change linked to the context of the implementation of an SAP tool in a factory of an aeronautics group

As part of a digital transformation plan, our client wants to implement a single production system for all the group’s sites based on market standards. Our mission is to define the impacts for the different populations of the site (workshops), develop the change plan (training, communication, support) and implement these actions with the managers and operational staff of the site in order to ensure their mobilization towards the target.

Supporting the strategy of an oil industry equipment manufacturer

Colombus leads a reflection to update the vision to 3-5 years to develop its client’s core business. This vision allows to define a coherent roadmap in order to respond to future technical and operational challenges but also to orient and prioritize short-term actions. We have addressed 3 axes:

  • Mastery of business know-how
  • the modernization and performance of the production tool
  • the profitability of installed capacity by specializing plants for mass or specialty markets