Insurance and social protection

Helping insurance and social protection players reinvent business models in order to meet the sectors’ innovation challenges

In a market that is changing both from a competitive and from a regulatory perspective, innovation is key to differentiating strategies and improving productivity. Controlling the quality of customer information and the information disseminated to customers is a necessity. While the insurance sector has been late in investing in digital channels and is still perceived as a “fast follower”, innovative services, mobile applications and social networks are now a priority. 

It is the complete transformation of the relational model itself that is at stake. 

Our support consists in activating the levers of the operational model, the employee experience and the relational model, via the customer experience and aims three objectives.

  • Ensure competitive advantage through digitalisation and process optimisation (efficiency and quality of service)
  • Deploy throughout your teams agile methodologies encouraging the emergence of new ideas and putting the customer back at the centre of your thinking
  • Market new offers, from design to deployment

Our contribution includes in this transformation the employee experience, as the foundation of the company’s performance. In this sense, we offer tailor-made support considering your context and your organisation’s specificities, from the deployment of new working methods to the revision of leadership models. We help you to share the sense of transformation to your teams (development of a storytelling…) and to measure their commitment in a dynamic way.

Developing the action plan of a major insurance player to obtain Great Place to Work certification

The company aims to achieve an advanced position at the leading edge of its market by enhancing the working experience it offers to its employees. The objective is to promote the recruitment of tomorrow’s talents and the quality of customer relations through its employee’s well-being. Our consultancy mission consisted in drawing up the action plan and the implementation path of the certification process in a perspective of co-responsibility with the employees. Our intervention became concrete with a cultural diagnosis, an evaluation of existing initiatives and the identification with employees of actions to be launched to facilitate well-being conditions at work.

Building the transformation plan of the business model of an insurance group

In a context of consistent growth, Colombus Consulting was selected to challenge the company’s operating model in order to improve the customer experience and rationalise its processing costs. We have built a transformation plan based on quantitative and qualitative analyses on 3 major working areas: the use of digital levers which aim at improving the customer experience and management, an in-depth reorganisation to make the model more flexible and more responsive to challenges, and an improved employee experience to get employees more involved.