Confidence index and perspectives of Swiss consumers and citizens in the context of Covid-19
31 March 2020

The Swiss office of Colombus Consulting has completed an opinion survey to assess the current level of confidence of the Swiss population and to measure the impact of the Covid-19 health crisis on consumers’ purchasing and investment prospects, as well as their perception of this crisis on their future. This study, conducted among more than […]

Digitalisation of Business Processes
11 March 2020

Our ambition is to offer reading grids and a structured approach for a digitalisation of processes projects, integrating the financial and economic dimension required for any transformation plan to support managers wishing to initiate or accelerate a digitalisation project. Structured on five axes, we have defined a holistic approach integrating the specific context of each […]

Personalized Marketing in Switzerland
28 January 2020

Colombus Consulting publishes its 2019 personalized marketing barometer of the Swiss market in partnership with NEtComm. Through a panel of nearly 180 Swiss brands, this study demonstrates, in a context of accelerating Data Protectin regulation (FADP), the significant room for improvement available to Swiss companies in terms of personalised marketing, particularly through the development of […]

Data & activation platforms
22 January 2020

Following the Digital Benchmark 2019 event, we publish a summary of the comparisons for the Customer Data Platforms solutions led by Colombus Consulting in partnership with the EBG. Heralded at the beginning of the 2000s as a new way of doing marketing, « data-driven » marketing has become a concrete reality for the market actors, […]

Close Up of Block with Lock Graphic on Black Computer Keyboard in Security Themed Image.
Solutions & tools benchmark to structure your GDPR approach
21 January 2020

Following the first release of the GDPR White Paper, this second edition presents some new insights, after more than a year of GDPR enforcement. We present some facts and figures resulting from the GDPR application as well as a look at the impacts that GDPR has had on the evolution of Digital-focused GDPR solutions, such […]