Mass Market

Supporting mass market players in new uses

As they are facing new consumer expectations, competitive pressure and development of new business models, companies in the Consumer-packaged goods & retail sector need to change their organisational models. 

Moreover, connected objects are growing rapidly and are spreading much faster. The scope of connected objects (car, household appliances…) is constantly expanding. In this context of digital acceleration, the implementation of market research and customer journey planning is a key step for the players in the sector.

In this context, we work for international leaders, who are in direct relationship with their clients (D2C – Direct to Consumer) or mainly with indirect distribution networks (B2B2C – Business to Business to Consumer).  

We aim to use the media, customers, data or products approach as well as the organisation of e-commerce activities and the associated operational models.

We offer a support targeting 4 levers to help industry leaders define and implement their strategy to meet these challenges.

  • Distribution strategy and market place
  • Product innovation 
  • Branding and digital strategy
  • Process redesign

Transformation of a world leader on the coffee capsule market 

Colombus Consulting assisted the group in the definition of the transformation roadmap and international implementation of all its digital and omnicanal platforms (e-Commerce, mobile applications, automatons…).

Digital cockpit for a world leader in cosmetics

In order to measure the client’s digital performance compared to competitors, Colombus Consulting has defined and supported the creation of a complete digital Cockpit, allowing to measure and benchmark on different dimensions: website, mobile apps, digital marketing, social networks, employer brand, notoriety and reputation, customer satisfaction. We have set up a central cockpit based on different solutions on the market, but we have also analysed the results and proposed an action plan and continuous improvement methods.