Public sector

Supporting public actors in their transformations, from the design of the service offer and the organisation to the implementation

In a rapidly accelerating world facing major transformations, the State, local authorities and major public operators and organisations are rethinking their actions and operating methods.

In order to meet the multiple expectations of society in terms of digital, economic, ecological and social transition, public players often have to realign their mission on the one hand, and the challenges of performance and efficiency of the means used on the other.

How to serve and protect the general interest in an increasingly complex world? How can we guarantee public service throughout the country and renew public services at national level? How can we do better with limited financial and sometimes human resources? How to transform and evolve with agility and speed? How to get employees and agents on board?

Our consulting missions are at the heart of these issues.

For more than twenty years, we have been helping ministries, public agencies and state operators, both centrally and locally, with reorganisation projects, but also with data management, energy management and public media issues, in order to meet the varied expertise needs of public bodies.

In concrete terms, we support public players in their transformation projects, from the diagnostic phase to the implementation of a new, more efficient organisation: organisational audit, creation of a directorate, department or entity, development of a service offer, support for a merger, optimisation of processes and efficiency.

Transformation also implies the implementation of a dedicated and adapted change management, and often, to control and support the social dialogue in a complex context, by integrating the prevention of psycho-social risks. Change management is part of our historical offer and is now placed in a logic of evolution of uses and practices, but also of development of well-being at work.

Finally, we support the deployment of strategic projects or programmes, on a national and international scale, in ecosystems with a high level of political stakes.

Serving the general interest and contributing our “stone to the building” has been in the DNA of Columbus Consulting since its creation in 1999. This ambition has become even more meaningful since the firm became a “Mission Company”. Our Public Sector team is now made up of twenty experienced consultants, all passionate about public sector transformation and innovation.

Creation of a transformation department and its service offering for a large French region

In the context of a move, and the deployment of new working methods linked in part to the health context, our client decided to create a transformation department with the aim of leading the change and instilling a new managerial culture. Colombus supported the creation and structuring phase of this team, its service offering and its roadmap. We then supported it in other key cross-functional projects in its early stages, such as the co-design of the managerial model and its implementation.

Creation and implementation of a change management method for a national government agency with a strategic mission

As part of the agency’s digital transformation, Colombus first carried out an exhaustive and documented diagnosis, highlighting several areas of work.
We were then mandated to support the creation of a Transformation service offering and to define the associated change management method, notably by leading the pilot community. We also led the transformation project dedicated to the IS.