Energy and Environment

Helping Energy Sector Leaders Meet the Challenges of Energy Transition 

The energy sector is experiencing significant changes associated with energy transition and climate emergency. We help leaders identify the transformations that are needed to meet these challenges and to implement them. Our experience in this sector combined with our capital of methods adapted to each organisation allow us to work both on strategic orientations and their operational implementation.

We support decision-makers in their reflections on new business models or on innovations they need to invest in. For instance, we carry out advisory missions to launch new activities and services around electromobility. We support the framing and implementation of projects that use technological and digital levers to improve operational efficiency, to integrate more renewable energies and to build the energy services of tomorrow. We help organisations to be more agile by changing management systems and ways of working. Finally, at the heart of the energy system, we are working on the customer experience to meet the needs for innovation and for adapting customer paths to the new challenges of the sector. 

With more than 500 references throughout the sector value chain, we are members of professional structuring organisations of the sector: Think Smartgrids, IEC, IEEE, AVERE… Internally, our “Energy College” allows us to keep an active watch over the sector, to work on tomorrow’s high-interest topics with CentraleSupelec School and to express our points of view in the specialised press.

Support for the launch of new business activities for a major player in the energy sector

We support the group’s internal incubator to develop the growth drivers of tomorrow. Our objective is to support the creation of subsidiaries and the launch of the first commercial and industrial projects in close collaboration with internal teams: preparation of investment files, governance set-up, support in structuring offers and the production of key deliverables (business plan, market studies, risk analysis).

Support for the project management of a European project on Smart Grids for a player of the energy sector

Within the framework of an experimentation project on the future evolutions of electrical systems linked to smart grids, Colombus Consulting was selected to support the project leader in his activity of coordination of all the stakeholders and the project management at an European level.  

The programme concerns 6 industrial demonstrators, i.e. 6 experiments spread over 5 European countries and involving more than 20 partners, for a budget of €23 million financed by the European Commission over 3 years. Our work consisted in supporting the project governance coordination and implementing continuous improvement process of the project management tools and methods.