Supporting media executives and managers in adapting their organisations to digital consumption patterns

The media sector is strongly impacted by the emergence of new competition and the growth of digital consumption. The fragmentation of the audience (more than 200 channels in France…) and the de-linearisation of contents are pushing media players to reinvent themselves: new 100% digital channels, enriched services for telecom operators (replay), adapted formats to social networks, launch of VOD offers, data marketing/big data investments… Channels are multiplying innovations to cope with the new uses of television consumption. They have two objectives:

  • Maximise traffic across all media brands of the ecosystem by increasing the loyalty of current visitors (increasing the frequency of visits), increasing the number of page views per visitor and attracting new visitors
  • Maximise the revenue potential of the advertising network on all channels by valuing the group’s audience for performance-seeking advertisers (offering a targeted audience at the right price that enables them to achieve their CPA/CPL/CPV objectives) and for branding advertisers (direct sales as part of special operations: enhancing CPM – Programmatic sales: enhancing the CPM of traditional and emerging formats facing targeting seeking advertisers)

We offer strategic and operational support to meet these challenges. We work with the press and the audio-visual sector – public or private – on operational changes linked to the shifting uses: new digital offers, diversification (gaming, ecommerce, etc.), implementation of ecosystem and data-driven marketing actions,  agility at scale, reorganisation, innovative partnerships

Our expertise and the profiles of our teams – with both operational and consulting backgrounds – enable us to work with major media organisations (press agencies, audio-visual, Web).

Framing and launching of new products and services for a telecom and media group

The group wants to adapt its “walled garden” distribution strategy to new trends in the distribution and consumption of content and services, to define and launch new innovative services and build a win-win strategy with content publishers and web players.

Colombus Consulting was selected to frame and launch new applications for third party and new services (application store, catch-up portal, new VoD catalogues), create B2B content distribution offers and manage the first 50 contracts & projects.

Support for the optimisation of the audience of a media group

A media player wants to develop the audience of its digital devices and increase the value of its advertising inventory. The group’s ambition is to enrich digital audience segments, increase the value of media inventory and develop new advertising offers around data.

Colombus Consulting was selected to frame the different projects (DMP, TMS, Dataviz), manage the pilots and deployment, coordinate the digital ecosystem (agencies, advertisers, IT), analyse the performance (web, mobile, social networks) and carry out the audience segmentation work and the related campaign scenarios.