Employee experience

Align management and corporate culture with the organization’s challenges and ambitions to make it more efficient.

Digital transformation is now having an impact on all sectors. This major change requires companies to rethink not only their strategy, but also their ways of working.

These new ways of working embody, in particular, stronger needs for collaboration, innovation and commitment. The new generations have taken possession of it.

For organizations, the challenge is twofold. They must support their employees in the transformation brought about by these new working and management methods, but also maintain their attractiveness to recruit and retain talent.

We support the general managers, operational managers, HR managers and innovation managers in the implementation of these new working methods, which often also bring about managerial and cultural transformation.

Our support is based on a change scenario approach based on five founding principles

Enlighten, inspire, bring openness

Work on the why and give meaning

Sharing experiences

Dare and test other models outside the reference framework

Encourage and share

Position employees for action at all levels of the company


The strengths of the company’s DNA to control the transformation

Control business’ changes and regulations

Build a credible transformation agenda

We distinguish ourselves by our ability to connect these new ways of working with concrete changes experienced by the organization (business transformation, new workspaces…) in order to facilitate their appropriation by employees.

Our offer is also based on the feedback from the Backstage 360 executive club, a community of feedback bringing together HR managers, real estate managers, digital transformation managers and innovation managers.

Support for the transformation of the real estate management of a major bank

Following a major move (5,000 employees) to premises that promote new working methods (flex-office, teleworking, new management methods), the real estate department of a French bank wishes to mobilize its employees around a collaborative work and continuous learning organization.

Our mission consisted in supporting the management of experiments and the development of a forward-looking vision on the real estate of tomorrow. We have relied on innovative management methods such as agile, Design Thinking and Lean start-up. Our intervention helped to mobilize the group’s employees around the transformation project using innovative methodologies and tools.

Support for the design and implementation of an agile organization on the scale of the project to overhaul the maintenance system of an energy player

Our intervention was structured in a first phase to raise the Study team’s awareness of the agile methodology and to facilitate the agile framing of business needs and of the Digital platform.

The second phase of our mission concerned the framing of the solution roadmap, the definition of the agile organization to scale, the project tools and the preparation of teams for the first sprint (team dynamics, training, coaching).

Beyond the design of an agile organization at the appropriate scale and the appropriation of the associated working methods, our intervention has contributed to the evolution of the system of values and the dynamics of the Study team.