Helping banking industry leaders maintain their industry as a profitable and socially responsible business model

The banking sector is experiencing an accumulation of constraints in an uncertain and increasingly competitive environment. 

Banks are subject to a regulatory framework which has a negative impact on investments in new businesses through compliance or financial sanctions. For their part, FinTechs are conquering high value added and less regulated niche segments. To build customer loyalty, banks need to market a wide range of products, which are not always profitable. The accumulated IT systems need to be upgraded to enable banks to maintain their role of efficient service providers. At the forefront of the economic and financial crises, the banks’ image has lost its appeal and doesn’t allow anymore to naturally attract talent. However, the banking sector remains a major job provider and has a social history to uphold.

It is in this difficult context that we help leaders understand trends and identify the transformations needed to meet their challenges. The first step is to define the plan, the pace, and the implementation actions. In an uncertain environment, the time frame of a strategic plan is 12 to 18 months. This is why it is necessary to rely on proven methods, tools and experience. Our experience in this sector combined with our benchmarking tools and our ability to lead feedback groups, enables us to help industry players define sustainable and adjustable orientations. 

We support decision-makers in their reflections on the business opportunities and trends. For example, we carry out consulting missions to adapt branch networks to new customer needs, based on an integrated digital and physical service offer. We support the framing and implementation of projects to help creating the risk, compliance and finance functions of tomorrow. We help organisations to be more agile by changing their management systems and ways of working. Finally, we are working on the customer experience to meet the need for innovation and for adapted customer journey to new consumption patterns. 

With more than 500 references across the entire value chain of the sector, we publish a digital index study and regularly express our views in the general and specialised business press.

Support for the deployment of the transformation plan for a major player in the banking sector

In a context of increasing deployment, we are supporting the deployment and change management unit of a retail bank to streamline, pool and guarantee the success of the change management and deployment systems for more than 150 projects.

Reducing the time to market of a banking group’s digitalisation projects

We support the digitisation of the banking processes of a retail bank, by accelerating the framing of these major projects in the company’s strategy. In particular, we are involved in the development of common IT/business workshops to identify essential functionalities (MVP) and “quick wins” and in project animation, inspired by agile methods. We are talking about various levers for timeboxing and reducing the time to market of the project and therefore the access time for the final customer.