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The firm is internationally recognized for its social and environmental commitment thanks to Bcorp certification and its status of benefit corporation in France. With offices in France and Switzerland, we operate in more than 25 countries.

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Colombus Consulting has published the 3rd edition of its study on the digitalization of Swiss private bank customer relations. Based on a panel of nearly 30 major players in the sector, the study shows that the trend towards digitalization remains positive, with many new developments again this year. On the other hand, growth is no […]

Colombus Consulting, in partnership with Cadschool, has analyzed the digitalization of international organizations in Switzerland and has published a study today. Based on a panel of nearly 40 international organizations active in Switzerland, the study shows a massive use of digital technology, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, but also very differentiated to serve the causes and missions of each organization. There are many good practices on targeted communication towards niche communities with the rapid use of new tools (chatbot, mobile app, dedicated websites…). […]

Swiss watchmaking and digitalization: watchmaking companies have invested massively and innovated in digital technology, with a downside on social networks and the Chinese market Colombus Consulting publishes its 2nd study on the digitalization of customer relations in the Swiss watchmaking sector:– Cartier dethroned Rolex at the top of the global digital performance ranking of the 40 […]

Colombus Consulting has published the 7th edition of its annual study on the financial health of European power producers. In the context of falling electricity consumption in Europe and growth in turnover following the post-Covid recovery, energy companies are continuing to invest in renewable energy. The high volatility of prices, notably due to the geopolitical situation, has important consequences for both consumers and producers, but also for the financing of the energy transition.[…]

Data challenges for 2023

The new Federal Act on Data Protection (nFADP) comes into force on September 1, 2023, more than 5 years after its European counterpart, the RGPD. This new regulation comes with challenges and opportunities for Swiss companies. […]

NGOs in Switzerland: communication and fundraising are going digital, especially for emergency situations, but the potential could be better exploited. Our study highlights the digital shift undertaken by NGOs and highlights possible areas of improvement to increase their visibility and increase the fundraising, necessary to carry out their actions. The main stake of fundraising goes […]

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⛵ L'équipage Colombus réuni le temps d'un week-end découverte de la voile, à l'initiative de notre CSE.
Merci Julien et Charly pour l'organisation !
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🌍Une nouvelle boussole économique pour la transition écologique ! C'est le programme de la 4ème session de la @CEC_impact qui se déroule aujourd'hui dans les locaux du Learning Planet Institute avec Elsa Cuisinier, Présidente et Florian Ortega, Associé de Colombus Consulting…

#ECommerce & #Publicité : quels sont les moteurs de recommandation de produits les plus efficaces ?
@RobinIdaho, associé chez Colombus Consulting, en parlera demain au côté de Simon Texier, Product Manager Personnalisation et Recommandation (@orange), Sandrine Salveniac…

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