Supporting actors in the transport sector in adapting organisations to the changing context 

Business models in the transportation sector are being challenged, as in other sectors. The context evolves, the changes are numerous and difficult to reconcile.

Globalization and deregulation have changed the way we think about investments and revenues. Ecosystems (rail, air) are being redefined with the arrival of new players.

Infrastructures, which are sometimes ageing, are the subject of increasing reflection on profitability, customer quality levers, the safety of people and property, and environmental impact.

More generally, transport and mobility are a growing concern both for the Smart City and for decarbonisation (electric vehicle), and even for politicians (impact of the 80 km/h and carbon tax in France).

This situation is leading industry stakeholders to launch initiatives to anticipate risks and opportunities. For the time being, the players are seeking to identify possible actions in response to technological, societal and regulatory changes and to bring together the company’s driving forces towards a shared and relevant project.

We offer support to help executives and managers in the sector define and implement their strategy to meet these challenges.

  • Analysing risks and opportunities: feasibility study, impact analysis, implementation of POCs, benchmarking, for example on the use of the geographical description of rail networks in Europe
  • Giving yourself the means to make the right decisions : methods for promoting technical and regulatory data, scenario analysis, even as MVPs. For example, making an airport operator’s chain of command converge towards a new organisation requiring, in particular, the transformation of an IT department into a service centre
  • Structuring the actions to be carried out : recalling and defining the forgotten fundamentals (governance, casting, subdivision, partnership tactics, Agile mode piloting, management 3.0). For instance, supporting the animation of a partner’s network from the automotive, electric mobility and new technologies sectors around a demonstrator project of intelligent recharging of electric vehicles
  • Guarantee flawless execution by relying on levers adapted to the context : steering and change management, management system, culture and values, organisation and processes, technologies. For example, support for the implementation of a Strategy & Gouvernance division for a rail operator (merger of the HR, IT and Strategy departments)

Building the GIS 2017-2020 trajectory and supporting the transformation of the GIS division of a major player in the transport sector

The GIS division of the group ensures the development and maintenance of IT solutions related to geomatics on behalf of our client. Colombus Consulting was selected to support the construction of a strategic roadmap of the geographic information system responding to the new challenges of rationalisation and time-to-market. Our approach consisted in addressing the subject considering all its dimensions, from the definition of the trajectory and the offer of services to the adaptation of the organization and the methodologies used, notably inspired by the Agile method.

Building a strategic partnership Rail transportation – Vehicle rental for a multimodal and omni-channel user experience 

A car rental company selected Colombus Consulting to build a response to the call for partnership tenders in all its dimensions. Our work allowed us to define the vision and the roadmap by capitalising on the complementarities between the rail transport and car rental activities: multi-brand strategy, customer segmentation, customised offers, multimodal and omni-channel customer experience, Innovation plan, Business plan, sales forecasts… Colombus Consulting supported the implementation of the partnership roadmap.