Accompanying Telecoms players and adapting organisations to economic and regulatory changes

Operators face multiple economic and regulatory challenges that impact their growth and profitability. Telecommunications companies are under regulatory pressure on tariffs (roaming…), a penetration rate above 100% and a sharp drop in ARPU. On the other hand, these players need capex (25% of operators’ turnover in 2018, vs. 5% for CAC 40 companies in comparison) to finance fibre, 4G and now 5G. Finally, telecom players must react to the OTT (over the top players), competition, GAFA and pure players (Netflix, Whatspp) who are pre-empting the expected growth drivers (content, ecommerce) and attacking their core business (messaging).

In this new context, operators need to identify growth drivers and capture the value of these markets in order to ensure their development. The proposed customer experience must be differentiating to guarantee the sustainability of the contracts and justify a premium positioning.

To meet these challenges, Colombus Consulting assists Telecom operators to identify growth drivers, launch new products and services and enhance the customer experience by exploiting the potential of data.

We support our clients during strategic phases, such as operational projects or the implementation of continuous improvement systems. We focus on increasing the skills of teams, both at Group level and in the country subsidiaries, by setting up skills centres.

Framing and management of the group’s digital transformation and data analytics program for a global operator

Our client needs to build a digital and omni-channel vision, customer-centric and shared across the group by the business and IT teams. To do so, it needs to build a collaborative organisation that facilitates business initiatives, coordinates “test & learn” initiatives and consolidates feedback. We have led business & IS workshops, carried out an analysis of the existing situation, helped on identifying opportunities related to online and offline customer data and ensured the implementation of the data ecosystem (DMP, attribution, AB Testing, TMS, analytics).

Definition of a new content distribution model for a global operator

As part of its marketing policy, our client wishes to use its new Box to set up a content appstore as a profit centre. Our intervention consisted in defining the partnership strategy with the main web actors responding to the company’s advertising strategy. Our intervention allowed us to define and validate the referencing conditions of the offer and 50 partner contracts (Youtube, Facebook, twitter…).