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Terrestrial globe with networking system in male palm on abstract green background. Elements of this image furnished by NASA
How international organisations are innovating digitally : focus on AI, chatbots, mobile apps, NFT and metaverse
05 April 2023

Colombus Consulting, in partnership with CADSCHOOL, has analyzed the digitalization of international organizations in Switzerland and has published a study today. Based on a panel of nearly 40 international organizations active in Switzerland, the study shows a massive use of digital technology, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, but also very differentiated to serve the causes […]

Digitalization of NGO communication and fundraising in Switzerland
08 December 2022

NGOs in Switzerland: communication and fundraising are going digital, especially for emergency situations, but the potential could be better exploited. Our study highlights the digital shift undertaken by NGOs and highlights possible areas of improvement to increase their visibility and increase the fundraising, necessary to carry out their actions. The main stake of fundraising goes […]

Customer activation and marketing automation: inspiration and feedback
18 November 2022

A growing need for Marketing Automation Today, the digital expectations of customers are constantly increasing. Plus, the health crisis accelerated the interest in marketing automation solutions that allow maintaining and even improving remote customer relationships, thanks to a fine-grained personalization of contact and content adapted to the customers’ preferences. Marketing automation responds to the new […]