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There is no typical path to join Colombus Consulting. We are convinced that the diversity of profiles is a source of creativity. Whether you are a young graduate or experienced, we favour the best profiles who demonstrate a desire to invest themselves and take up challenges!  

Above all, we are looking for autonomous, enthusiastic and creative people with a strong capacity for analysis and synthesis, open-mindedness and excellent interpersonal skills.

At all levels of recruitment, we value the ability to take initiative and the freedom to express oneself within the company. A sense of conviviality and humility are also qualities sought after by the firm.

What is the recruitment process at Colombus ? 

Our recruitment process is designed to understand your personal motivations and ensure that you have the required skills. We seek to assess your ability to adapt to a demanding work environment.

These exchanges are also an opportunity for you to get to know our employees, to learn about our corporate culture and to validate our common desire to work together!

The different stages of recruitment have several objectives:

  • Understand your motivations, your desire to project yourself, your potential as a future consultant
  • Assess your knowledge of the consulting profession and the firm 
  • Appreciate the coherence of your academic and professional backgrounds
  • Test your skills on a case study: we will submit a real mission project. The aim will be to build and present a problem-solving approach. The exercise does not require in-depth knowledge of specific business areas or processes. The result is not the main thing: your questions and your logical reasoning are more important than the proposed solution
  • Check your English proficiency
  • Discover your personality, your creative sense, your ability to take initiatives, your convictions, your ability to listen, your leadership

Depending on your experience, you may be asked to meet us during a recruitment session. Indeed, we periodically organize recruitment campaigns for interns and young graduates when we have important needs.

Outside this framework or for experienced profiles, the recruitment process takes the form of individual interviews, supplemented by an English test and a case study.

Typical course of a Colombus recruitment session

To continue discovering us

Colombus Consulting maintains strong partnerships with major business and engineering schools. We regularly participate in the events organized by these establishments.

Come and meet our collaborators on the forums or within the framework of our partnerships with certain schools and student associations. Our consultants will be available to answer your questions, share their consulting experience and present you with our internship and employment opportunities.

We are usually present on the forums of the following schools.

  • Sciences Po companies
  • Generating station – Supelec
  • Arts and Craft 
  • EM Lyon

You can also find our pages on social networks.