Professional career

Colombus Consulting offers you the opportunity to build your career as a consultant

The professional development of our employees is at the heart of our concerns.​

Our consultants have the opportunity to discover several sectors of economic activity, and to develop their skills thanks to diversified missions with our clients. ​

The evolutionary path at Columbus is punctuated by several stages, which we can illustrate with the testimonies of consultants representing the different ranks within the company:

Junior Consultant

As a junior consultant, you will work with a variety of clients under the supervision of a project manager and actively contribute to the internal development of the firm. In addition, your coach and your co-pilot will contribute to your development and to your growth in skills.

« The strong societal and environmental values of Columbus allow me to evolve in a framework consistent with current issues ». Arnaud

Senior Consultant

Your experience in consulting allows you to be autonomous on assignments, to develop your expertise, and to master the firm’s communication principles with your clients. ​

« I benefit every day from the expertise of my managers and mission leaders. » Jean-Baptiste

Senior Supervisor

This stage is a transition to the rank of Manager. The senior supervisor supervises young consultants, conveys the firm’s know-how and commitments, and works independently on complex assignments.

« I have the chance to participate fully in the dissemination of the company’s culture via the management. » Fatma


Your career path now allows you to be in charge of an assignment and to manage your teams, in line with your business objectives. Internally, you are also a consultant coach.

« The firm allows me to be the main point of contact for my clients and to participate in the development of the consultants. » Xavier

Senior Manager

Both within the firm and with your clients, your expertise is recognised. Your experience allows you to develop several projects simultaneously and thus contribute to the firm’s reputation.

« The firm allows me to participate fully in the company’s strategy. » Marie

Our support

Our consultants are the value of Columbus Consulting. Therefore, the professional development of our employees is a major issue for the firm. ​

Several levers are available to our employees to encourage the development of their skills and contribute to their professional fulfilment.

The training

We have built tailor-made training programmes to give our employees the tools they need to succeed. On average, nearly 30 different training courses are given each year within Columbus: “Data crunching”, “Introduction to business development”, “Managing in hybrid mode”, “The art of presenting: storytelling”, “Managing at Columbus”… Our employees can also submit new training courses identified externally and even propose to create new teaching courses and run them themselves.

The coaching system

Coaching is an essential part of Colombus’ support for its employees. Each consultant is followed individually by a coach in order to be able to informally discuss his or her concerns and aspirations. The coach’s role is to provide a link between the consultant and his or her managers, to support the consultant in his or her professional development and to help him or her to flourish within the company.

A benevolent and close management

Colombus brings together a community of personalities and backgrounds, all of whom share a sense of benevolence and a desire to grow. Our consultants benefit from close management, both on assignment and internally. As a company with a mission since 2021, Colombus has included the notion of “ethical management” in its commitment to “promote an ethical vision of management by encouraging the development of the organisation and the fulfilment of individuals”. In concrete terms, this currently takes the form of awareness-raising workshops for our employees and 360° evaluations of managers on these themes.​​